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To help your mobility, AskOTO provides you with a set of tools. Whether you drive a car, a two-wheeler or a LCV, we offer tailor-made, free-of-charge, neutral and 100% useful support!



Starting with a motorcycle: the A to Z guide

Full of practical advice and all the useful information you’ll need to start riding a motorcycle or scooter. Licence, purchase, administrative formalities, safety and mobility: step by step, we will support you along your road to mobility on two wheels!


Calculating federal and regional vehicle tax components has never been easier.

TAXO provides an online vehicle tax calculator interface as well as an API. It is created by Febiac, the Belgian federation for automobility, and covers both federal and regional taxes (Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders). The calculation engine is based on an extensive and in-depth knowledge of the vehicle industry and the vehicle tax domain in particular, in Belgium.