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Who are we?

AskOTO is an initiative of FEBIAC.

FEBIAC npa is the Belgian and Luxembourg car and two-wheeler federation. It represents manufacturers and importers of several means of road transport (passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and bikes) in Belgium and Luxembourg. It is active on European, international, federal and regional level.

FEBIAC represents its membership which includes the Belgian assemblers, manufacturers and importers of vehicles. Every year, around 370,000 cars and 40,000 commercial vehicles, buses and coaches are assembled in our country. The automotive industry is therefore a key sector for the economy and employment.

The federation is also concerned about the social impact of the sector. Environmental protection, mobility, and taxation became major issues. FEBIAC supports the automotive industry in facing these challenges while fulfilling its role of providing to the public neutral and objective information.

It is for this purpose that AskOTO has been created.

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